Some new stories by mama4dukes

This writer is phenomenal. I love her writing style. There isn’t a story. I don’t like from her. Check out her newest ones.

New story from mama4dukes,

The Rabbit Meets The Magic Stick


What happens when a freak twister sends Bella, Jake, and Paul back in time? Come and join our three favorite friends on a rip-roaring adventure to the past.

New story from mama4dukes,
Perfect For Me

After his socialite fiancée dumps him, Jasper Whitlock realizes just how superficial his love life had been. When he meets the intelligent and quirky Bella Swan, his parents instantly disapprove of her, but she just might be the making of him. Is she the one who is perfect for him? NC/AU/OOC/AH

New story from mama4dukes,
Holiday Road

Sam Uley has been living a quiet, secluded, and somewhat boring life as a mail carrier in Forks. Everything changes when he is forced to attend Charlie Swan’s wedding with his entire crazy pack. Read on to see how the alpha’s life does a complete 180. Warning: Author not responsible for damage caused by reader eating or drinking near electronics while reading this story.


New Blog

Hey all, this blog is brand new. It’s dedicated to the men of Twilight. I will not link fics with Edward or Jacob though. This is for the other men in Twlight. It can be one of the men and an oc, or one of the men and Bella.

As you can tell, this blog is still under construction. I will have it up and running soon-ish.

For now, I will link one story a week, maybe a little more.

Fanfiction featuring the men of Twilight